During my sophomore year of high school about 100 years ago, I was on the yearbook staff. I remember feeling good that I made it on the yearbook staff and was interested in showing my lyrical talents right away. So after a little contemplation I went about writing my first blurb…a poem about the sophomore class.
Man, I was so excited about that poem! (I am not a poet) Everything made sense and it rhymed! Isn’t that what a poem was supposed to do? Why do we as young people think we know it all right away?
Imagine my surprise when I got back my “lyrical masterpiece” with a giant red X through it…all except the last stanza.

My final four lines were circled; and attached to the circle was a neatly drawn arrow pointing to two words. “Start Here”. I was devastated, but in all reality, starting at the end so to speak, was in fact the right thing to do. How many things do we attempt, where we should have just taken a step back and started over?  So many things keep us from it – the feeling that starting over would set us back somehow, laziness and not wanting to start over, fear of doing something new (although it may be right) and many times, just plain pride.  If I start over that would mean I didn’t get it right the first time.
Recently, I was watched a program where a group of pastor’s wives gathered to discuss the Bible, and relationships. There was one wife, who spoke of the burden on her heart for young people. “I always tell my young people to pay attention to three things and they will find their way on the right path” she said,
1) Be true to God
2) Be true to yourself
3) Be good to people
“I tell them, they can’t go wrong following this formula” she said.
I would say this is an excellent list to be circled with an arrow leading to the words start here.
There are people who have been down the path you should be on or the path you should not be on.  Don’t be afraid to take directions.



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