When a few years ago, I read the book Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl: Living the Faith after Bible Class Is Over, I didn’t know it would connect with me the way it did. Here was someone who didn’t look like me, grew up a little differently than I did, but she addressed things I thought of, the things you can’t tell the people you have gone to church with your whole life (I thought at the time) yet here she was talking about it – beautifully.
It was a very significant point in my life. I usually don’t go as far as saying this book changed my life, but perhaps it did, my understanding in any case.
I spent the next few years devouring her books, learning about her family and following her blog…until, I read a post that troubled my heart…

A few months ago she shared sad news about her life and family.  I finally  understood that years ago post.
Yet even in her heartache, she is still writing things that touch hearts. This is a line from her latest blog…

No person’s rejection of me can ever exempt me from God’s love for me. –LysaTerkeurst

What an amazing reminder.
See that heart being held together by a safety pin? That’s been me. And avoiding people has been the safety pin, but when you depend on God He does not need a pin. He not only repairs, He restores.  It will be not a refurbished, but a whole new heart for us. Sometimes starting to learn about the way God loves us can be…unnerving. How can God love me like this? Ive been told I’m not worth it. God says I am = we are completely worth it. Wow.
I’m tired.
I want to tune in to only your voice Lord.
Please help me, lead me and guide me.




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