ms-depressionToday, I won’t have to rely only on my experience in reference as to whether these two info pics are true (they are).  The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a plethora of information on the Emotional Changes and Depression that Multiple Sclerosis can bring. Often times, these changes are two fold as in – many of us are sad and grieving over what is at risk of being lost due to MS, but also due to the MS disease process itself. Dealing with depression is very difficult, especially when you’re a relatively happy person.  If you’re sad with no reason, or perhaps angry, you find yourself snapping at people, or starting arguments…for nothing. Spending time with friends or even indulging in something you love seems too difficult – talk to your dr.  I had to talk to my dr on Friday, I mentioned to her that I hadn’t even been to one of the classes I registered to take back in January.  Both of us knowing the mega nerd that I am 🙂 figured it might be something more. Appt in 30 mins.  I can’t say, oh well I just lost my money and ignore it.  I used to be a teacher – I don’t skip class.  At first I just thought it was the fatigue, but – not even one class? Even for me that’s not normal.

I’m not sure how often or freely the bane of depression is spoken about outside of MS circles, sometimes even in MS circles it is something that is tip-toed around.  Once again, I think education is one of the best weapons against MS depression and mood swings.  If you know more, you can do more.  It is not easy to learn about, but the hope of seeing some light, might be motivation.  If you don’t have MS, but you can help someone who does – that might be your motivation.moodswings The following video is 33 minutes long – just a heads up!


March is National Multiple Sclerosis Month, here’s how you can help!

If you’re feeling low or not yourself, don’t be brave, don’t toughen up – reach out.  There is help.


3 thoughts on “MS Monday – MS & Depression

  1. Wow! I never thought of it that way: because of the very nature of the disease, it causes depression! (in my very limited knowledge, my understanding is this:) In many cases depression is due to the thoughts/fears that people dwell on, but in MS the nerves are damaged which *causes* depression.
    That’s hard! I know how debilitating a low level depression can be. I can’t imagine having it being forced on you continuously! You are a marvel, Max! So blessed to have you in my life!!

    1. Yeah, Paige for the longest time, I tried to “use my will” to stand against depression, then I read that the illness also causes depression, but I knew I was taking my meds faithfully injecting 3 times a week, then my dr said listen, i need you to start watching for feelings of depression – the medicine causes depression too – yikes. When I started struggling, I felt so disappointed – Like Jesus really? I have to deal with this now? Couldn’t you prevent this for me? Then…once I listened, I understood that the disaster might not be averted, but He will take the dread away, and I can count on Him to ultimately carry me through. My dr has some ideas on what we could try, she gave me some research to do, and so – I guess we’ll see what will happen. I know it will be new territory – whatever treatment my dr suggests, but I’m not dreading it. He will bring me through. This is part of the reason why Hmjoy is so special and important to me!*hugs*

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