Ok, so this is something that I personally have no knowledge of, but I have repeatedly read the accounts of new moms speaking about how relatively easy their pregnancy was on their MS, but the fear of a major relapse after pregnancy always loomed.  There is some acknowledgement of this phenomenon.  The MS Society provides links and PDFs about MS and Pregnancy, you can check these links out here.  This video is one of my favorite MS Awareness Ads.  Multiple Sclerosis Personified.  While the main focus of this ad is more about how…disruptive and annoying MS can be, they do a good job of addressing how MS and Pregnancy get along.  (Even if mom and dad aren’t Drill Sergeants. )

If you have some experience with MS and pregnancy and would like to give us a first hand account – please send me a link to your blog or blog post or drop me a line!  Would love to hear from you!

*The featured image infographic is from healthline.com


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