Yesterday was day 5 of IVSM. I’m exhausted, drained, emotional and unbelievably grateful. Now the other work begins.
It is the best time for me to write, and the worst time. I spoke with one of my friends who I’ve known since High School yesterday, she’s one of my sister friends. We don’t speak often, but when we do speak, it is always like a hug from God. Before we hung up, she said to me – I want to sing something for you. I said really?, she said yes, so I asked her to sing Great is thy faithfulness. (When life is so uncertain, sometimes we need to be reminded that God is here with us and He DOES NOT CHANGE. Even though at times it might feel like it – we are not alone.)
She said, I’m so happy that you asked for that song, because that is the one that was on my heart to sing for you either way! I took a restful moment, and listened as the words poured into my heart. I was so happy to feel each word hug the word that had been planted there so many years before. They were in my heart, and came back to my mind when I heard them. So grateful. Do you need to be reminded today? No matter what you are going through – God is faithful to you too. Speak to him. He’s longing to hear from you.


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