I had an important doctor’s appointment on Friday.  At the end of it I was confronted with how tightly Ive shut my eyes to the deterioration of my condition. Ive held on to some hope from somewhere, I can only think, it must be from God, because…
My medicine isn’t exactly working
The anti inflammatory medicine that helps me get around, still helps, just not as long and not as far.
I can’t sand for more than 10 minutes
I needed help to stand up from the doctor
I just feel so low, so foolish.
I actually heard the dr say that I may have moved into SPMS.
I’m not yet 40.
How could I find hope in that?
Only with God are all things possible.
When I came to my blog this evening I looked at the last posts read. With nothing but the search for pages on a blog, and from many different places, I noticed something. We are all in a battle. We all need encouragement at times.

I look at these posts, some of them I needed to see myself, and I realized that we are all in this life together. Sometimes, the only thing we have in common is our humanity, and that we are ALL God’s children. We need to keep that fact before us. Not only are we His children, He is for us, and He takes care of us, even when what we see around us doesn’t quite match what we “think” we should see. We do not have to rely on our feelings, we can rely on God’s promises to us. He will never break them. So, no, things don’t look great right now, and the road ahead is most likely quite long, but if Jesus is with me…if Jesus is with us. We will be alright. We will.


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