At about 2:30 thus morning, I decided to have a cup  of herbal tea that claims to have a special blend which encourages sleep.  They offer a children’s tea that makes the same claim, and it is a valid one. During the winter months I would often enjoy a cup, it is delicious.  The adult tea came with a warning that I did not read completely:  Do not use if you have known allergies to plants of the daisy (Asteraceae) family like chamomile or echinacea.  I know I knew that I did not have an allergy to chamomile, so I didn’t think much of it.  I was not planning to drink the 2 – 3 cups they were suggesting.
After a bit, my face began to feel funny and I started to have difficulty breathing.  Guess who must have this allergy to plants of the daisy or perhaps Echinacea!
It was such a rough time just trying to keep calm, because My MS Hug was triggered. When that happens Im in for at least two hours of the unfriendly hug.  During the midst if the struggle, I decided to talk to the only dr I had available.  I just asked Jesus for His help.humbly, honestly, earnestly – to help my throat and my breathing and my ability to stay calm.
He did.
Almost instantaneously, my breathing changed, the feeling in my throat was different and my hug stopped hurting. I was so shocked, the tears just came to me. We say it all the time, but I’m not convinced I always believe it. I know sometimes I find it difficult to believe, but not this time and it stunned me that Jesus not only heard me, but he healed ME…in that moment. Isn’t it something when God answers a prayer and it surprises us?
He worked a miracle – for me. It was so personal. I felt His calming presence.
Jesus came to the hallway, stood with me and my sister and heard our prayers.

Jesus touched me.

I can’t stop thanking Him.


*I am aware of how waiting out an allergic reaction can end very differently.  I am not telling you to do this,you have a mind, you do whats best for you.


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