4/22/2013, 11:48 AM

I read your post with a familiarity I wish on no one. My feet were also where my first symptom started about many years ago, and Ive never recovered the full feeling in them either – always numb. The heels – I gave most away. Except one – my favorite pair. I used to just put my feet in them when I was first diagnosed, and walk the hallway for a few moments. after awhile I could only manage to look at them. I sold those. Those shoes deserved to have some fun! I couldn’t work for more than a few months after I graduated. I finally had to apply for Disability 6 years after the 1st symptom – I was hoping against hope and battling pride. It was an experience. I read somewhere that when you have invited God to write your story it might turn out different than you planned, but we must have confidence in His plan. I’m not trying to be corny or over simplistic, it just has seemed to boil down to that for me. God has a plan. My job now is to be confident in Him and His plan for my life, because I can’t be confident in my body that’s for sure! *hugs* Please take care. Can’t wait to see what your next chapters hold.

It was a very difficult day. Somehow in a search for something else, I found this.  Apparently I wrote it for someone else, but I am the one who needed it today.


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