In the pages of my devotional is a stiff piece of brightly colored cardboard that I use as a bookmark.  Printed on its face in festive red and purple letters – an excellent source of happiness.  When I think of the word of God that little saying points me right to it… God’s word – an excellent source of happiness.
The thing is – it doesn’t say that.  It says “chicken nuggets – an excellent source of happiness”.  The irony of this piece of cardboard is so epic to me, that I never want to lose it.  I don’t know how long I have had it (, but each time I see it, I am awed by how simple we count something quite so serious.
You know what else is an excellent source of happiness?  Breathing.  I know for me personally, being able to move my limbs – yes, that is an excellent source of happiness.  My friends and family – excellent source of happiness right there!
Do these people really want me to believe that my happiness is directly affected by a chicken nugget?  As preposterous as it sounds – someone did marketing on this, and they know that the public will take notice…perhaps even believe.  I bet they’re counting on us believing that, actually, many of us do believe it.  I’ll even give the thought some leeway.  If you’re starving and a nugget is available, I’m sure that your happiness will be increased for a while, but it’s a fleeting feeling at best.
There is a current commercial campaign running in which a few of the actors featured are clueless as to how much something truly costs; the value at which something is held is completely off base.  I kinda feel this way about this little piece of cardboard.  How many people read that box and truly believe what it says? A chicken nugget holds one of the keys to your life’s happiness.   The more nuggets you have – the more happiness you’ll have!  Want to find happiness?  Pick up some chicken nuggets!  How many people buy their nuggets and feel completely duped a while later, when they find no happiness, and hunger returning?
I wish, I could tell all of the people everywhere who gives true happiness.  I wish I could let them know that God provides happiness that doesn’t end when the sauce does.  I want everyone to know that a relationship with God is not just an excellent source of happiness; it is THE source.  God treasures us so much that His number one priority is what is best for us, and how to get us to heaven to spend eternity with Him.  Something tells me that the true value of something will not be skewed there. Let’s thank God for our excellent sources of happiness.
What’s an excellent source of happiness to you?

*I wrote this some time ago, but it’s still one of my favorites.


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