Many years ago, I used to be a blogger, an everyday blogger, a -blogs are fairly new, and I have one at diaryland- blogger (yes, that long ago)!  That was almost 15 years and a completely different health status ago.  I tried to hop back on to the blogging train, but it left without me!  If I wanted to keep a blog, I would have to keep it in a different way.  When microblogging came along, I rejoiced!  A microblog is smaller than a traditional blog and contains very short entries.

I have been microblogging on another platform for  about 5 years and have finally shifted to a site of my own.  My goal has always been to share good things and encouraging words.   So, if like me you don’t have the energy, time or working eyes to commit to reading a big blog post, maybe you can become a microblog visitor! I want this to be a place where you can come if you only have 2 minutes to spend, but leave feeling as if you have been hugged. I want this to be a place where you can exhale.  See you tomorrow – God willing!

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Thanks Rachele!

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