We are all God’s works in progress, that is why I chose the graphic of a potter’s hand on the clay at the wheel.  It represents us – we all are that clay, none of us are done yet – we are all in process, God is still working on all of us.

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow, I’m inviting you to come back and see what inspiration the Lord has just for you! I would love to know who you are and if I can pray for you. Leave me a note!


His work in progress is a collection of inspirational devotionals, pictures, quotes, Bible Scriptures and Multiple Sclerosis education.  I’m also keeping the Days of Meaning Blog, where I note things that should not be forgotten.


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  1. I love your web page. There are very few people who understand MS and Gods work in this way. I experience a miracle healing with proof on 10 yrs of MRI films. I believe God has promised me healing, and it is a work in progress. When I shared my experience in Facebook group I created, I got so much negative feedback, and I understand most of it came from those who are struggling and dont understand Gods work or understand Gods work starts with our relationship with him. Again I just want to say thank you!

    1. Thank you! Ive been having such a difficult time of late, but I am just trying to wait on the Lord, and so many do not understand that – the negativity, like you were talking about. I know it’s just not understanding. I am still just trying to hold on to God. thank you so much for leaving me a comment!

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