It has been a difficult month for me.  In October, my doctor informed me that I was having an exacerbation, but I opted for steroid pills (less expensive) as opposed to an IV steroid drip (just a little more expensive) which took such a hassle to get back in April when I needed it.  Unfortunately, the pills were not strong enough, and now a month later with the holidays looming I can’t stand for very long, and walking has become an even bigger fight. Thanksgiving preparations were a struggle.  Yesterday, when, exhausted,  I could no longer stand or move my legs,  my sister had to complete cooking and serving the rest of the meal.  I just became completely overwhelmed by fatigue and pain.  “This is not fair” I cried.  My talks with God this month have boiled down to – have you forgotten me? And that is exactly what I felt in that moment.

This morning,  I went to my Facebook page and was stunned to see me staring back at me!    My interview with Tracie Miles which ran in February had been reblogged from my sister’s page by one of my oldest and dearest friends.  I didn’t understand why as, I had not clued her in to how I’ve been feeling lately, but as I looked at the title below my picture, I realized I didn’t fully remember what I had written.  I will gladly blame that on the last month of writing as opposed to older age.  I knew that I had to read, When MS strikes, God has a plan, because lately, MS was standing over me and beating me with a stick.  I needed to read about the plan God had for me, I needed to remember.  And so I held my computer close to my face so I could see and read this devotional that I had written to encourage another woman, but now I see, I’d essentially also written it for myself.  God was answering me.  No, He had not forgotten me – He never does. He never will.

Isaiah 49:15 (ERV)

15 But the Lord says,
“Can a woman forget her baby?
    Can she forget the child who came from her body?
Even if she can forget her children,
    I cannot forget you.

Thanks Kisha for reminding me of who God is.



I am claiming this promise that God will provide the medicine I need. Please pray with me. Thank You.

Philippians 4:19New King James Version (NKJV)

19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


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